three times.

This canvas

delicately painted with waves of craving

that crash before we reach the shore,

with sand warm against my bare back,

Your face shielding my gaze from the glaring sun,

a showcase of your freckled skin,

traced with raised edges

where I dug my nails in.

Sunday’s sin can be forgiven

when it was neither seen nor heard

but spoken in tongues.

You want to know,

you want me to teach you

the ways of my God

like how this beach becomes one with the sea,

but my God doesn’t obey the prayers

formed between a man’s clasped hands,

first he must dare to get his feet wet.

Hard Candy

Hard Candy

You are the perfect scoop

of chocolate ice cream,

a sphere

broken only by a spoon

softly slicing a part of you

to my softly parted lips,

a lifetime on my hips

sacrificed to your succulence.

You are the moment

milk meets coffee,

melting my bitter taste

for every miracle day

you are still mine in the morning.

You taste like cinnamon buns,

contours of currants

fresh from the oven,

one hundred and seventy Celsius

and clothed in caramelised sugar,

I couldn’t wait for you to cool.

You are the hypnotic grip

of the Demon Headmaster

when I haven’t done my homework,

holding me back after class

until the heat between these pages

could burn a hole to Hell.

One two three, one two three,

if love is to dance

then our drug is the waltz,

undressed till I’m dizzy,

on a bed of diamonds

we become the disassembled finale.

Burning Midnight Oil

Burning Midnight Oil

I never knew

there could be hope like this

where I will we’ll grow old together,

I never knew

there could be faith like this

that life blossoms whatever the weather,

I never knew

there could be desire like this

lust for command, I surrender,

I never knew

there could be joy like this

found in the effortless scent of your sweater.