Dregs of Consciousness from a 1AM Coffee Cup

Dregs of Consciousness from a 1AM Coffee Cup

What keeps you up at night

when sleep evades the bloated mind

unknotting dreams out your hair

becomes morning routine

sink clogged with the thick smog of nightmares

horrors that can’t be blocked so easily

will rot your teeth

flossing strings of thought between fragments of memory

rinsed out with mouthwash

a cleanse of the body



running on empty past the exit signs

to daylight.



I learnt the hard way

about predators,

I, the youngest sister,

oblivious to how easily

I could become prey,

too busy being ‘nice’

in a culture

that doesn’t teach young women


so to injured instinct

I did not listen

till slaughtered.

I’m still haunted

by the dark man in my dreams,

you stand at the end of my bed,

constant threat

to skin you never touch.

A wake-up call

to drink this tonic

and remind myself

what I will spend the rest of my life

fighting for,

now an older sister,

for I’m wild and wiser,

and I will not rest

till that key

stops bleeding.