Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Uncertain who is holding the other

but one of us forgotten, foraging through our home in desperation to remember

what we did not know so cannot name

nor assure this body it is safe.

Blessed are we whose bravery guards the doors and windows

long past signs of danger, so fierce in our defence

it greets each demon as a stranger,

sounding alarms to activate emergency procedures

when the threat is but a spectre

with unfinished business.

Feeble and listless, these spirits will float

amongst the source of their affliction and our sickness

until they find in us a friend.

Keepsake Scents

Keepsake Scents

The first time was all nerves and aftershave,

baking belief in an August oven

and you were the sweetest berries I found at the greengrocers,

handpicked from local fields in high summer,

grown amongst the aromatic lavender I adore

that once inhaled is addictive,

an attraction that can’t be ignored

and when absent becomes a lingering memory

of jasmine incense in the air.

Familiar, as passing cigarette smoke is to my lungs

and Charlie Red is to sentimental school days,

sunk into my breath with a king size bed

and too many pillows, your bare skin my insomnia,

your chest a soft redolence,

the taste of milky coffee

mixed with goosebumps from a frosty morning,

a book read with joy

beside the smoky sounds of a crackling fireplace.

How could anyone else have you when these metaphors are mine?

Sometimes our fragile eyes sting

with the fragrant force of being alive

but I need this interlacing perfume, your infusion on my mind,

like how the ground soaks in the rain after a thunderstorm

until the sense of home looks just the same.