You happened upon my skeletons

and helped name them,

you see ours

and clothe them

for the funeral of all endings.

If I am Lady Death,

you are the instinct

which sings magic

over all that is tangled,

and sheds tears

to join our souls

into a force

that loves a lifetime,

till all I can hear

is the drumming of our hearts,

teaching us

that love and life

are to be lived

by the bones.



‘Be with someone

who writes poetry about you’,

and on this rare occasion

I took my own advice.

Now it’s springtime

and this crop of roses-glowing-pink

bask in the sunlight

that comes from sprouting through

to the right side of the earth.

I climb their stems

like a jack-and-the-beanstalk

till I reach the clouds

and count-nine-along,

finding myself amongst the angels

and the highest of spirits

who number the stars in my eyes

and pronounce us holy.

Burning Midnight Oil

Burning Midnight Oil

I never knew

there could be hope like this

where I will we’ll grow old together,

I never knew

there could be faith like this

that life blossoms whatever the weather,

I never knew

there could be desire like this

lust for command, I surrender,

I never knew

there could be joy like this

found in the effortless scent of your sweater.

The Value of a Heart

The Value of a Heart

Whoever said

‘love doesn’t cost a thing’

was lying.

Sometimes it feels love costs everything

until there is nothing

left to give.

Then is it love at all?

The higher the buzz

the further

there is to fall.

[When I’m on my deathbed,

hopefully grey, frail and old,

I’ll tell them of us,

how we might have been

the greatest love story ever told.]

Warmth of the Sun

Warmth of the Sun

When you tell me

that I don’t understand

how much you are going to love me

that a piece of you is missing

that you need to give me love


What you don’t understand

is how I already know

I’ve never experienced a love like this


It’s like rising up

from the black icy depths of the ocean floor


lungs bursting

eyes streaming with the searing pain I alone have been carrying in my chest

they take their first breath of air


and I finally feel the warmth of the sun.