Big Girl

Big Girl

Dear Diary,

this is probably the most excited I’ve EVER been.

Mum says it’s a big responsibility,

that only mature little ladies are allowed to walk to the shop alone.

Maybe next time I can take you too

but today I’m packing light,

in case there’s lions and tigers in the bushes

that jump out and I have to run for my life.

I don’t think there’s ever been any sightings

of big cats down Andrews Lane

but it’s better to be safe.

I’m wearing my fast trainers just in case,

and Mum said not to talk to strangers

and she’ll wait for me at home

but if I’m not back in twenty minutes

she’s going to phone the shop

and I’d rather not have another telling off.

Wish me luck, Diary, it’s time to race the clock!

Dear Diary,

I made it just in time

but I took my pocket money

and got distracted by the jars of sweets

as I was standing in line for stamps.

They have THREE different flavours of fizzy laces now,

red and blue and green,

more than I could ever eat, more sugary than I’ve ever seen.

One only costs 10p, and I had £1.50

so I asked for five of each.

You should have been there, Diary,

when the till lady said ‘you want FIFTEEN?’

I said I did, because I’m a big girl now,

and I’d done all that walking and my legs are still growing,

but don’t tell Mum, she’ll worry my teeth are rotting

and probably wouldn’t feed me tea.

I ate most of them, but hid the rest in the usual spot

behind the drawers at the back of my desk.

She never checks there when she’s mad at me.

I think sometimes she just forgets

that growing up makes me hungry.

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