Confession #1

Confession #1

It started about a year earlier

when you didn’t even want to hold me anymore

and it seemed clear it was my responsibility to make things better.

An old flame,

I orchestrated bumping into him at work

a year before that;

still lying to myself about when it really started.

He was only after one thing,

always had been,

but I was okay with that,

wanting little from him either

besides the knowledge that at least I was attractive to someone else

and he paid me attention.

I pretended I was going to a meet up with old friends,

but we caught a movie then went back to his place.

It didn’t take long,

it stung;

like diving into a frozen lake

but they do wonders for waking you up

and it gave me what I needed to leave you.

My recompense for only being a little bit sorry.

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